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Natural Acne Cures

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The natural cures for acne consist of living a healthy lifestyle by eating fruits and vegetables, staying away from processed foods, and doing a lot of exercise. Thanks to the newly discovered natural acne cures, we can now cure pimples without having to consult dermatologists and go to drug stores.

Instead of throwing away the seeds of some vegetables lie radish and sesame seeds, we can actually wash them with water and apply them on our faces and in an instant- blackheads, whiteheads, and acne are gone. Sesame seeds can also be used to treat skin rashes. After eating your orange, keep the peel. Believe it or not, ground orange peel mixed with water can be applied on the pimple-infected area for a quarter to half an hour, and immediately washing it off with warm water.

The next remedy may not smell so pleasant, but salt and vinegar works on acne too. A paste of salt in vinegar and rubbing it on the face can make the breakouts go away faster. Drinking healthy juices like wheatgrass juice may also work for your skin, as well as applying fresh mint juice nightly for the pimples is effective for the prevention of acne.

Coconut oil is also considered as one of the most effective remedies of acne. Applying the oil just before bedtime helps reduce breakouts and promote a healthier skin. Coconut oil is inexpensive too and available almost anywhere. Eating foods that are red and orange are also some of the best natural cures for acne.
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