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How To Pop A Pimple

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Do you by any chance know how to pop a pimple? Okay, it sounds rather gross, yet we all do it. It's simply part of being human. I for one understand how to pop a pimple, and how to do it without causing a nasty scar. Yes indeed, there is a method to this madness. While most of us may have to endure the pangs of acne, we don't have to take it lying down. With the deluge of information, and products at our constant disposal, we can evolve beyond struggling with acne, and proceed in obliterating it. It's time to learn how to pop a pimple, folks.

Don't you just hate waking up and shuffling to the bathroom, only to peer up at your reflection and catch sight of a massive zit? Even worse, that puss-infested bump hangs right off the end of your nose. Yikes, those babies can not only be attention-getters, but they can hurt like mad as well. Now comes the fun part. What do you do next? Do you simply leave it and hope that no one notices? Ha, that's in no way feasible. Just because Cosmo and other fashion magazines tell you never to pinch or squeeze, doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't.

We all know the cautionary tales of popping zits. If you dare pop that thing, you will end up with a dreadful scar. Well, this certainly can be a reality. However, too many of these so-called cosmetic journals/sources never instruct us on how to pop a pimple correctly. It may sound amusing, but there is a safe way to go about it. First of all, it's beneficial to cleanse your face in order to be free of dirt, oil and bacteria. Now, get a Kleenex, or tissue. Place the tissue over your index finger tips. This will prevent your nail from scratching the delicate tissue, and keep bacteria off the face.

This procedure also prevents your fingers from slipping. Then you can GENTLY press on either side of the blemish. This hopefully will rid that zit of any gunk. Try not to press more than twice. You don't want to irritate your skin, hence causing it to swell. That is how to pop a pimple.

In the end, most sources will caution you not to pinch, squeeze, or pop pimples in general, but we all know that this is not a realistic way to react if you have a fat one smack-dab in the middle of your face. If you need further information on how to pop a pimple, or simply to get rid of acne in general, the Internet is a great resource. 
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