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Acne Light Therapy

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Acne light therapy is a relatively new treatment for those suffering from breakouts. Lumens Inc. is a company housed in Santa Clara, California that markets a product known as ClearLight. This product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and it is deemed very safe to use for the general public.

Although the ClearLight acne light therapy product was developed in Santa Clara, California, its roots are deep in Israel. This country was where the initial research behind the concept took place. The product was also initially produced there and Israel is an active participant in marketing lasers for medical treatment.

An estimated eighty-five percent of the world’s population has regular breakouts. The acne affects adults as well as adolescents and the introduction of the acne light therapy to the United States and the rest of the world is welcomed by the high number of people who are affected by acne world wide.

The makers of ClearLight believe that the cause of acne is sebum. The acne light therapy is supposed to suppress outbreaks. Sebum is a natural oily substance that can get trapped in the skin. When it is blocked in the skin, acne forms. This is because the sebum mingles with nasty bacteria that are living in the skin as well. The two get together and break out in the form of pimples on the surface of the skin.

The acne light therapy kills the bacteria that mingle with the sebum below the surface of the skin. Porphyrins are elements found in the bacteria. These elements interact with the blue light waves found in the acne light therapy treatments. When they interact with the light waves, they create oxygen. The oxygen, in turn, kills the bacteria found in the acne.

This all sounds a little complicated, but it really is not. There are a few things that concern me with this process. The acne light therapy is supposed to kill bacteria in the pimple itself. This suggests that the person already has significant acne. This is a great treatment for existing acne, but does it benefit those of us who want to use it as a preventative measure?

Another thing that strikes me as odd about the process is that the makers claim that the benefits of the acne light therapy last up to four months. This makes me think that the therapy can be used as a way to prevent acne breakouts, but I am confused as to how. I think that some acne needs to present in order for the chemical reaction to occur.

The four-month benefit is not really that beneficial. The acne light therapy may seem like a relatively long-term solution. It is reasonable to address acne only three times each year. The problem I have with using the acne light therapy is the cost. One treatment costs around eight hundred dollars.

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