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Laser Acne Treatment

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In America, the treatment and cure of acne is a multi billion dollar business. Not only does acne affect over 98% of the population at any given time in their lives, it also promotes the kind of furious need for treatment that other afflictions rarely warrant. Nearly everyone is unhappy with their acne problems and want some sort of quick fix solutions. Which probably explains the wide and brand filled market in over the counter acne treatments. But, just like any other over the counter treatment, acne rarely goes away with simplistic medication. Which leads desperate legions of teens sitting at home with a tweezer, squeezing out pimples in a bid to do away with them. When done clinically by a qualified dermatologist, this method has a high success rate. But when done at home with little more than a healthy aversion to acne, scarring occurs. Which is when laser acne treatments are resorted to.

Laser acne treatment is a relatively new and rather unconventional method of dealing with acne and related problems. In addition to topical lotions, creams and oral medication, laser acne treatment has come to be accepted as a qualified treatment method. Some of the earliest laser acne treatment systems were little more than a light based system that users subjected themselves to over two or three times a week for as long as up to eight weeks. Predictably, these systems were unable to eradicate acne and a more robust treatment method was required. But it was only in the year 2002 that a genuine laser acne treatment – the smoothbeam laser acne treatment method – was approved by the FDA and began to be used by dermatologists the nation over. But what is so special about laser acne treatment methods? And what exactly do they do?

To understand and answer these questions better, we must take a look at what causes acne. One of the most common causes of acne is when excessive hormones in the body activate the oil producing sebaceous glands, resulting in unsightly acne. The laser acne treatment specifically targets these glands and helps reduce the production of the oil. Since the laser acne treatment could harm the skin, a protective medicated spray accompanies the beam of the laser to cause minimal damage to the skin. When compared to other oral or topical methods of acne treatment, the laser acne treatment has higher rates of success. Nearly 95% of patients who have undergone laser acne treatment have shown results after the very first session. And, even when sufferers, who have unsightly scarring and lesions due to acne have tried the method, they have reported fabulous results.

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