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Adult Acne Treatment

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For many years, I believed that one of the benefits of getting older was that I would not have to worry about acne. To my disappointment, I have found that this is not the case. I am in my mid-thirties and I am now in the awkward position of having to face wrinkles and pimples all at the same time. This nightmare is coupled with the concern that there is no adult acne treatment that addresses fine lines and wrinkles.

I am lucky in that I don’t really have any fine lines or wrinkles, but I am sure that they are in my near future, especially if I do not find an adequate adult acne treatment. The products that treat blemishes tend to dry out my skin. Perhaps the oily skin that is prone to break outs is the only thing keeping me from wrinkling up like a prune.

From what I understand about my breakouts, I may be having hormonal issues that contribute to the blemishes. I have done a little research, and I have found that hormones can create havoc on a person’s complexion. I do notice that the breakouts occur when I am under great stress. I thought that the acne was hives at first then I remember high school and it all comes flooding back to me.

My doctor suggested that I consider using a weak birth control pill to address the blemish problem. I was very surprised by this adult acne treatment and I’m still considering this option. The birth control pill can cause weight gain and I would rather have extra pimples than extra pounds. The extra pounds tend to stay with me longer.

Another possible culprit in this breakout dilemma is bacteria. I am also surprised by this. My doctor suggested that I lay off the anti bacterial soaps for awhile. I thought that the anti bacterial agents in the soap would kill the pimple-causing bacteria on my face. However, this adult acne treatment was actually causing breakouts because I was killing the good bacteria that keep bad pimple producing bacteria at bay.

Sometimes a simple approach is the best approach. I will continue to seek out a good adult acne treatment, but for now I am going back to using a gentle cleanser. After washing I will use Benzoyl Peroxide, which was also suggested by my doctor. Finally, I will take an adult acne treatment approach and add a good moisturizer. After all, wrinkles stay longer than pimples, too.

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