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Acne Rosacea

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Acne Rosacea

Acne by any other name is not necessarily acne as is the case with acne rosacea. It is important to correctly diagnose acne rosacea for what it is and not mistake it for acne. Although it may look like acne, it has major differences with actual acne breakouts and keeping these in mind will help you with many misconceptions you might have that may cause this chronic skin disease to be a threat to the quality of your life.

Age limit

Acne is more common among adolescents and while it is still possible to get acne in adulthood, you might consider that you have acne rosacea if you are 30 to 50 years old and begin to suffer symptoms that resemble acne. Acne rosacea occurs in individuals of this age, especially among Caucasians because of their photo sensitive skin that have been recklessly exposed to sun damage.

Tickled pink

Blushing is cute and if you can do this on cue, it may prove to score some points in coyness that just might get the man or woman of your dreams swooning over you. However, excessive flushing may cause and worsen acne rosacea in individuals with sun damaged skin. Redness, swelling and even pimple like protrusions occur in the forehead, nose and chin-all areas of the face that are affected by flushing and blushing.

Gender bias

Although acne rosacea occurs more in Caucasian women between the ages of 30 to 50, it also may occur in men and when it does, it is usually more severe. Untreated, acne rosacea will worsen and affect the way you enjoy life, especially in men who may develop enlargement of the nose more readily than in women.

The red eye

Unfortunately, in more serious cases, especially in those untreated situations, acne rosacea may affect the eye and cause it to become red, feel tender and sore and may even cause scaling around the eye area. This isn't the worse though. If misdiagnosed and untreated, acne rosacea that affect the eyes will lead to blindness.

Take action

Now that you understand that acne rosacea is not just a cosmetic problem, take matters in your own hand and equip yourself with necessary information to understand and learn more about this disease and how to combat it. At the very least, acne rosacea will affect your self esteem, influencing the quality of your life. That's only looking on the bright side. This disease has the power to debilitate you. Fortunately, answers and solutions are out there and the websites below will help you find them.

According to AOCD

The American Ostheopathic College of dermatology found at offers a very informative resource on the hows, the whys and what to do about acne rosacea.

The doctor is in

If you don't have an access to a doctor right now but want to be able to consult one and check about possible instances of acne rosacea or how to treat it, check out This online resource meticulously and thoroughly explains everything you need to know about acne rosacea, how to treat it and how not to make it worse through your lifestyle.

Herb it

The website offers several herbal options based on age old Chinese remedies for acne and acne rosacea. Do not be confused about which medicines to take though. While the herbal solutions for acne rosacea found in this website can be used on acne, using acne medicines on acne rosacea is useless and dangerous. Consult a medical professional before considering alternative sources of treating acne rosacea.     
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