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Acne Face Wash

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As a long time sufferer of acne, I use an acne face wash everyday.  If I miss a few days I usually end up with a pizza face all of a sudden, so I’ve managed to make acne face washes a crucial part of my morning and night time routine.  

There are a lot of different acne face washes out there today, and I’ve experimented with just about all of the ones available over the counter, as well as some prescription versions as well.  They all basically fall in two categories based on the two most common acne face wash active ingredients; those that use benzyl peroxide and those that use salicylic acid.  Even the prescription acne face washes I tried used benzyl peroxide, but in a much higher concentration.  

I’ve bounced back and forth between using the two different chemicals, and I find that benzyl peroxide is consistently more effective for me.  It’s no surprise to me that most of the acne face washes out there, including the prescriptions, use benzyl peroxide.  However, salicylic acid certainly helps as well, and I’ve found that the best technique is to use both.  Not at the same time of course, but if I use a benzyl peroxide acne face wash in the morning, and then a salicylic acid one at night, I seem to get better results than if I just use one type only.  

Regular use of an acne face wash and generally taking good care of my skin seems to go a long way, but now and then I still get outbreaks.  I’ve come to accept that a certain amount of acne in my life is something of an inevitability.  Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been plagued by acne, and it hasn’t really let up much even well into my adult life.  

Other than skin care, the one thing that seems to be the most related to my acne is stress.  Using an acne face wash a couple times a day, as well as lotions and other skin care products usually keeps the acne at bay, but the moment something stressful comes up the dam breaks and I get a sudden surge of acne.  I can almost measure how stressed I am by the amount of acne I get.  One or two pimples is normal for an upcoming first date.  Three or four is typical for a class reunion, or a job interview.  My parents coming over for dinner; pizza face.

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