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Homemade Acne Treatment

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The funniest, though I doubt the best, homemade acne treatment I ever witnessed was that introduced by Gus Portokalos (played by Michael Constantine) in My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding.  Did you see the movie?  If not, here’s a homemade acne treatment that is novel, and even makes you smell squeaky clean.  In the movie, whenever someone has a pimple, the dramatic patriarch, Portokalos, chases the afflicted about the house with a Windex®  bottle, swearing by its instant acne healing properties.   The character is just that, quite a character, quirky and self-absorbed, but his well-intended approach to this unique homemade acne treatment is understandably honorable.  

We know.  Those of us who have been or are afflicted by acne don’t find the whole deal all that funny.  We have tried homemade acne treatments until we could open a skin care shop...or at least write a book.  While I won’t expend the energy to do so myself, I will share with you some of the advice, tricks, and suggestions I have heard about, read about, or tried over the last thirty-plus years (yes, thirty-plus years, even if acne does now show up only once a month or so).
After washing face with good, hypoallergenic or low-oil soap and hot water, steam pores open further by dipping head over (not INTO) a pot of boiling water, with a towel tenting head and the pot.  (Do not do this at home unless someone is with you, to make sure the towel doesn’t catch fire, etc..)  Scrub again with soap and hot water, then do an ice cold splash with the coldest water you can stand.
Try rubbing freshly ground garlic cloves (now a paste) into freshly washed skin.
Try zinc pastes and clay masques.

Try fresh lemons after a hot water scrub.  Try the same with vinegar instead of lemons.  (Both lemons and vinegar are astringents.)
A clean bowel means as few toxins reaching the skins as possible, so some people do home colonics as part of their homemade acne treatment ritual. (Another caveat: check out how to do home enemas, for too many, too much, the solution used, and too rapid an enema can be HAZARDOUS!)
A hot water and face scrub with oatmeal concoction (oatmeal has texture, good for exfoliating dead skin and oils, for example)..
Limit intake of chocolate, coffee, and tea (of which caffeine is a culprit).
Avoid overdoing it on greasy/fried foods, replacing such foods with those that are natural, fresh, and high in vitamins A, B, B5 (highly praised) B6, C, E, and Niacin.
Try taking vitamin supplements with A, B, B6, C, E, and Niacin.
Drink eight glasses of water a day.
Try the general health store for Aloe, Jojoba, or other herbal applications...

Or, you could always try that Windex... Gus Portokalos’ ultimate homemade acne treatment solution.

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