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Fighting Acne At Home

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Acne is probably the most commune skin problem, especially for teens.

Acne is generally due to hormones increase, increase of sebum, fat in the body and acne germs on your skin.

If you are not suffering of severe acne, it can be easily treat at home using natural home made remedies.

-Vitamin A and E can be very effective in treating acne and you can buy them in any pharmacy if you do not already have that at home.

- Zinc treatments are also very effective. They are available in tablet and capsule forms and available at any good pharmacy.

- Orange peel is just one of the natural acne treatment available. Buy some oranges, peel them then apply the peel where your acne is.

- The lemon juice is another great natural remedy for acne. Just extract the juice from one lemon and apply it on the pimples several times a day. You will be surprised how fast your pimples will disappear.

- Garlic could be used not on the pimple itself but eating garlic on a regular basis will cleanse your blood and keep acne-causing germs away.

- Coriander is a great acne remedy as well and it works the same way as lemon juice. Just make a coriander juice and apply it on your pimples.

- Fenugreek paste. Take fenugreek leaves, make a past and use it as a face mask during the night.

- Cucumber works well too and some are saying it is the best natural acne treatment available. Just take some cucumber slices and apply them on your eyes, face and neck for about half an hour.

- Fruit based diet. Try to eat as many fruits and vegetable as possible and stay away from fat foods

Other home made natural acne treatments are available and you can find much more information by clicking the links below.
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