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Acne Medication

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Acne is a universal problem. Contrary to what most teenagers (and even some adult acne sufferers) might believe, it is not a symptom of poor facial hygiene. While nearly everyone suffers from and are eager to get rid of acne, a surprising number of the sufferers lack the basic information in order to help them deal with the problem in a rational manner. Which is why, the field of acne cure is filled with myths, falsehoods and much more. The trick to finding the ideal acne medications is pretty straightforward. One must consult a qualified and experienced dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This is because no two varieties of acne are caused by the same factors and as such, the acne medications differ greatly. Not knowing about acne is one thing. But using the wrong acne medications is an altogether different matter. The wrong acne medications will not only be inefficient in getting rid of acne, it could also result in permanent scarring.

Acne medication is primarily of three types. The first kind of acne medications is the wide array of lotions and creams that can be found in just about any pharmacy of drugstore. While these are sometimes sufficient to treat and cure milder forms of acne, those with more acute acne will have to go in for professional counseling and diagnosis. This leads us to second type of acne medication which consists of prescription drugs. Prescriptions drugs are highly individualized in nature and are often prescribed by a qualified dermatologist only after having ascertained the nature and cause of individual acne. These could range from simple azelaic acid creams, through Benzoyl Peroxide to Accutane for severe cases of acne. However, do remember that these acne medications should always be taken only upon the recommendation of a qualified medical professional. They should not be treated like over the counter drugs and treated lightly.

The final kind of acne medication is traditional or home made remedies. While most people believe that this kind of acne medication is of no real use, studies have revealed that homemade acne remedies are sometimes very effective in curing simple cases of acne. Most of these acne medications contain a combination of herbs and plants which are ground up and applied on the affected area. Maybe it is because of the properties of those plants, or even due to sheer belief, but this sort of acne medications has shown surprising results. However, no guarantees can be made. Again, it would be a good idea to consult a qualified medical professional before sampling any of this sort of acne medication.

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