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You’ve just jumped out of a nice, hot shower. You feel clean, fresh and ready to face the day. That is until you face your face. You think that it’s an eye, and then you realize that a massive zit is the focus of your reflection. Nothing is more deflating than finding acne staring back at you in the mirror when you are about to start a promising new day. Before you run to the pharmacy, consider some home acne remedies that will zap that zit and hopefully prevent acne in the future.

The first thing you may want to do if you are a lady who wears foundation makeup is to look at the ingredients in your makeup. If it is an oil-based product, your foundation may be the culprit behind the acne problem. Change your makeup to one that has a water base and your skin can breathe a little easier. This is one of the easiest home acne remedies there is.

Another strategy to battle the zit brigade is to wash your face twice a day. Washing may seem like changing makeup adds to the simple home acne remedies, but it really doesn’t. Make sure that you wash consistently and that you use a mild soap. Mild is the operative word. Harsh soaps can actually aggravate your skin. Also, make sure that you rinse your face thoroughly. A trace of soap can undo your home acne remedies in one fell swoop.

Look to your everyday products that are lying in your medicine cabinet. Regular old benzoyl peroxide is among the most tried and true home acne remedies there is. It is also an extremely inexpensive solution that has stood the test of time. The secret behind the benzoyl peroxide’s effectiveness among the home acne remedies is oxygen. Oxygen kills the bacteria lying under the surface of the skin.

Another remedy that works wonders for reducing the swelling associated with pimples is toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to the affected area at bedtime. Make sure to use traditional toothpaste instead of gels or whitening paste. When you wake, you will find a small remnant of the acne, if any at all. This is among the most effective home acne remedies I have used over the years.

There are a couple home acne remedies that I have never tried. Among them are washing you face with salty water. This gets rid of the oils in the skin naturally and without causing irritation. Using lemon or orange peels to prime our face before washing with a gentle soap is supposed to stop acne breakouts before they start. With all of these home acne remedies, there is little need for making a special trip to the store.

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Acne remedies
Use aloe vera juice or gel to counteract infection and promote healing. Use the ointment on pimples and sores. For acne scars, using aloe vera juice morning and night for as long as necessary will help reduce the scars and improve skin complexion and color. Other home acne remedies treated on this site are: apple cider vinegar/lemon juice; basil; beans; carrot juice; charcoal; colloidal silver; cucumber; egg whites; fels-naptha; garlic; grapefruit seed extract; lemon juice; molasses; molkosan; neem oil; oatmeal; oil of oregano; sugar and witch hazel.

Acne cure
Benzoyl peroxide is the best medication for preventing acne. But with benzoyl peroxide  you must be deliberate and steady and follow an acne treatment regimen until you grow out of acne naturally...

Acne home treatments
Home treatment for acne include gentle cleansing either with a formulated soap that is design to fight acne, or an antibacterial lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid...
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