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Acne Myths

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When I was younger, more specifically a teenager, I was known as Acne King. And not without reason! With a visage that had scores of both black heads and white heads, I was a walking talking running advertisement for acne. If the scorn of my peers (especially the girls) was one thing, the impossibility of removing the ugly acne I had was another thing altogether.

The general myths about acne didn’t help. My family members firmly believed that acne was a result of poor (or more specifically, junk) diet. While it was true that I enjoyed the frequent dose of junk food that the neighbourhood fast food joints dished out, I wasn’t too sure that eating out was the cause of my acne. I mean, a number of my friends ate out with me, and what’s more, ate junk food even more frequently than I did. But they hardly had any acne. Something had to be wrong with the popular belief right? I had seen the myth being busted right before my eyes. Another associated myth was about chocolate. And since I loved chocolate in any form or shape, I would have found giving it up, even at the risk of remaining acne king, an abhorrent idea. But having read up and followed news and medical reports on the subject, I discovered to me relief that chocolate consumption had nothing whatsoever to do with acne.

My peers were not much of a help wither. Most of my friends, hinted with obvious sarcasm, that my acne advertisement face was a result of my frequent and constant masturbation. For a while, I believed this. Hey! Which hot-blooded, teenage male doesn’t indulge in masturbation at that point in life? But then again, observations told me that this too was an acne myth. For if my acne was linked to my masturbation, was I to conclude that my male friends who had no acne at all did not masturbate? I would have more easily believed that they were aliens! So, that was another acne myth busted.

Another myth that I did believe, and which sounded genuine and even scientific at that time, related to the assumption that acne was a result of dirt accumulation on the pores of my face. I never stopped to consider that if that was the case, why wasn’t the skin on my arms and legs, which were more in contact with dirt and grime than any other part of my body, riddled with acne? In any case, I spent several days, weeks and months assiduously washing my face with all kinds of soaps and anti acne creams in a bid to eradicate acne. To no effect. Finally, I also resorted to a fatalistic attitude and concluded that the more I stressed myself out thinking about my acne, the more they would continue to remain. It was at that point that I gave up bothering about my acne filled face. And guess what? A couple of years later, as I slowly grew out of my adolescence, the acne disappeared on its own! Although there are still a few tell tale scars of my acne king days, my face is clear and radiant today!

Top 5 acne myths acording with

 Myth #1:  Acne is caused by poor hygiene. If you believe this myth, and wash your skin hard and frequently, you can actually make your acne worse. 

  Myth #2: Acne is caused by diet. Extensive scientific studies have not found a connection between diet and acne.

Myth #3: Acne is caused by stress. The ordinary stress of day-to-day living is not an important factor in acne.

Myth #4: Acne is just a cosmetic disease. Yes, acne does affect the way people look and is not otherwise a serious threat to a person’s physical health.

Myth #5: You just have to let acne run its course. The truth is, acne can be cleared up.
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