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Stop Acne Breakouts

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People trying to stop acne breakouts have many options. There are pills available over the counter and by prescription. There are also natural remedies for acne that can be used. I came across a four-step program that is supposed to stop acne in its tracks and it is supposed to do this naturally.

The first step in this program is to stay regular. Some people believe that all illnesses, including acne start in the digestive system, specifically the large intestine. These people suggest that the best way to stop acne is to keep your colon clean. This means having at least one bowel movement each day.

In order to stay regular, it is important to drink water. Keeping hydrated helps your body move things along and it helps to stop acne from developing because the toxins are washed away. Sometimes water just isn’t enough. The first step in the program suggests that all red meat should be avoided and foods high in fiber should be added.

A good diet is always recommended and this is included in the second step to stop acne. According to the four-step program, sugar is our worst diet enemy and it needs to be eliminated along with the red meat. This does not mean all sugar like the natural sugars found in fruit. In fact, the second step involves elevating the amount of fruit you eat to stop acne.

Part of the second step involves eliminating fruit juices. This helps to stop acne because the fruit juices contain a lot of unnecessary sugar. It is better to eat an apple than it is to drink a glass of apple juice according to the second step of the stop acne program. Of course, saturated fats are to be avoided as well. That goes without saying.

The third step to the stop acne program involves an internal cleansing. This step is actually a big leap that revolves around flushing out the toxins from your inner organs. The organs in question are the kidneys and liver. This part of the stop acne treatment is unbearable for the normal human and involves a very restrictive diet that lasts two days.

Step four is the maintenance program and this is filled with bad news. Basically it suggests that the only way to stop acne from coming back is to never go back to your old ways. With a system like this, I think that a little acne is not so bad after all.
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